Leukemia Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

It is important we know what leukemia types means. We are going to talk about what Leukemia is all about in this section because, so many of our mind starts beating once we hear this word.

Leukemia ,has caused so many harm in the body as it has to deal with white blood cell .and these disease arises as a result of viruses and other health conditions.

Now that we have known that this causes harm to the body, we are are going to explain thoroughly what it is all about.

What Is Leukemia

When we talk of this, it is important for us to know what it is all about because it will help us understand more better when we made mention of leukemia.

More so, it is also good to note that it occurs due to the presence of Viruses, bacteria infections and other health condition which causes the lowering of white blood cells count.

Leukemia can be define as a cancer of the white blood cells. in most cases, in most cases, only the cell line which produces white blood cell, the myeloid cell line are affected.

Leukemia Types

Now that I have given the definition of what this is all about, I believe that the understanding should be more better .There are two leukemia types

it has two types

  • Myeloid
  • Lymphocytic

Signs and Symptoms Of Myeloid

it should be understand that there are some of the signs and symptoms which characterizes the presence of myeloid..

  • It occurs at middle age, average is 42 years
  • It cause fatigue and night sweat
  • fever can occur due to high production of white blood cell
  • Frequent cold and chills
  • Bone pains
  • Frequent infection
  • Enlarged spleen


In that case, the diagnosis of white blood cell count of 150,000 per cubic millimeter is characterize. In addition, the type of white blood cell are of granulocytes series.


Consequently, the treatment of this type of leukemia requires no specific therapy. Accordingly, it is not usually an emergency since most of the circulating myeloid cells are matured cells. Mild suppressive therapy may be used which consist of hydroxyl urea in combination with allopurinol. Hence, median survival is 3-4 years .Bone transplantation could be of help.

Again, indications for treatment are ;development of anemia, severe persistent diseases.

It is important to ensure that we maintain the body as it is stated here that this condition is deadly to avoid been the victim.

Acute Leukemia

it has the following characteristics.

  • Bone marrow failure causing infection, bleeding, and fatigue
  • Rapid onset and progression of disease and death may occur few months after left untreated.

More over, acute leukemia used to be fatal but thanks to scientist that has made this condition curable.

Signs and Symptoms Of Leukemia

  • Fatigue
  • Bleeding
  • severely reduced neutrophil
  • Various signs of infection are also present

Treatment Of Leukemia

  • more so, may present a medical emergency with sepsis that need urgent chemotherapy with broad spectrum antibiotics. Hence, coagulation factors and fibrinogen in combination with heparin is quite good if discovered early.

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