Anemia Causes – Symptoms & Treatment

It is very important, to talk about Anemia Causes. This condition called Anemia has lead to the untimely death of children because in most cases, parents do not actually know whether the child is the career. That is why it is important we write on it as it will help a lot minimize such event in the society at large.

More over, it is important we take our time to read this article as it arises due to nutritional deficient and i will be outlining the foods that will help us prevent this Anemia.

In addition, this deadly disease therefore should be explained thoroughly as it is our major concern. More so, I am going to define what Anemia means.

What is Anemia

It is a health condition that occurs due to the deficiency of red blood cell and, therefore, reduction in the quantity of hemoglobin content of red blood cell. I believe that it will be of help to our understanding of what Anemia means.

Further more, the problem of in any type of Anemia is that the capacity of the oxygen content of the red blood cell is reduced.

Hence, No wonder the individual so affected lacks energy in a greater amount. In addition, now that we are familiar with what this condition is, I believe that it is going to be more understandable while reading this article.


Basically, we have several types of Anemia which is going to be outline here. This types, comes along with the causes and the defects of it in the body. For this reason, the types is listed here.

  • Iron deficiency
  • Applastic
  • Hemolytic
  • Thallassemias
  • Sickle cell

However, now that I have outlined the various types of Anemia, it explanations is not going to be given because of some reasons. So, I am going to give the causes of each and everyone of the types of it because, it will help us understand it more better.

Anemia Causes

  • Iron deficiency is caused by lack of dietary iron
  • Applastic is caused by toxic chemicals like radiation
  • Hemolytic is caused by toxic chemicals
  • Sickle cell is caused by defective gene
  • Hence, thalassemia is also caused by defective gene

In another development, Anemia is so simple when mention because, it has define itself and people who are sickle cell career develop this condition that is the main reason we are focusing here.

Side Effect

more over, all the types mentioned earlier comes with the effect it produces in the body hence, the name side effect. without wasting much time, let us look into some of the side effect of it.

  • It leads to the destruction of red blood cell
  • It causes the damages of bone marrow
  • It causes deficient hemoglobin
  • It leads to the abnormal shape of red blood cell that leads to sickle cell Anemia

However, this is considered the major side effects.

Anemia Symptoms

  • Easy fatigue
  • Palpitation
  • Tachycardia
  • severe fever and cold

However, all the different types of Anemia produces similar signs and symptoms that means that they work hand to hand.

In addition, the iron deficiency produces additional signs and symptoms especially when unrecognized early. The signs and symptoms include:

  • Brittle nails
  • Smooth tongue
  • Cheilosis
  • Dysphagia

Hence, many iron deficiency occurs in pregnant women in a situation when they developed unusual craved for food like pizza. It should be noted that iron deficiency causes the destruction of red blood cell that hinders reductions in the oxygen content of the body.

Anemia Treatment

Treatment for most Anemia depends on the causes. However, the treatment is outline here.

  • Iron deficiency should be treated by eating food reach in iron as it helps boost the presence of red blood cell in the immune system
  • It can also be treated by taking food reach in vitamin B 12 which still helps
  • Hemoglobin can also be maintained by taking sufficient amount of iron