Female infertility causes-types, test, risk factors & treatment

Female infertility causes-We have take much of our time to explain this content thoroughly because, most women become so worried that they thinks they are barred when reached the age of getting pregnant but cannot. However ,it has rendered so many women childlessness because, of one reason; or the other.

In addition, it is going to deliver many women from such predicament; after reading this content because, as one of the best website has helped to save a lot of women who experiences this condition.

Therefore, Infertility; can be define as the process of trying to get pregnant but cannot because, of unprotected sex. Hence, now that we are familiar with what these means, let us talk about what female infertility, is all about;

What is Female infertility

However, It can be define as the inability of the female to get pregnant and have a fruitful pregnancy. most importantly; It means inability to get pregnant.

More over, there are many treatment for infertile most especially; medications that would help prevent it. it is important to remember that women, are not born infertile but, due to some infections, viruses, and some other health conditions, the fallopian tube is exposed to.

More so, when the immune system don’t withstand or overcome those conditions, the fallopian tube; is destroyed leading to the development of our topic today;

More so, infertility: is a disease in which the ability to get pregnant, and give birth to a child are impaired in some way. Hence, for male and female, after one year of getting married and, no child is seen, doctor is called for check up against these then. However, male delivers infertility more than women in a situation, where there’s low sperm count.

Further, it is thus, important to know that both male and female are allergic to these.

Female infertility types

Thus, there are two types that is outlined here;

  • Primary
  • Secondary


It can be define as a process when the couples, has not gotten pregnant after one year of marriage. More over, this type of condition arises because, the two couples has not been using birth control method.


More over, It can be define as a situation when the male, and the female is able to get pregnant once before; they are unable to do so again. this types; is mostly common because, both the male and female is suffering from a disease and needs medical check up .Thus, this type female infertility causes is rare.

Female infertility causes

Hence, the causes is going to be outline here;

  • Problems with the uterus
  • Problems with the fallopian tube
  • Problems with ovulation
  • Reductions in egg number and quality

Problems with fallopian tube

In addition, the most common cause of these is, pelvic inflammatory disease which is usually caused by chlamydia and gonorrhea. Further more, this causes is rare.

Problems with ovulation

More so, there are so many reasons women may not ovulate regularly that include; Hormonal imbalances, severe stress, thyroid disease , are some of the examples of what can cause weak ovulation in female.

Reduction in egg number and quality

Hence, women are born with all the eggs they will ever have that are needed to cause pregnancy. More so, these eggs; are runs down before menopause; took place and, some certain factors like chromosome deletion that would leads to the reduction of the egg.

Further more; Now that we are familiar with these hence, it is going to help you understand this article more better and; we are going to provide you with the risk factors associated; with it to widen your understanding here.

Risk factors of infertility

Thu; many factors can increase woman risk of having this; Hence, the factors is outlined here;

  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Being underweight
  • Abnormal menstrual cycle
  • Tumors
  • Cysts
  • Hormones that prevent ovulation
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Infections

However; the following factors of female infertility causes mentioned above, would be the most important factors that should be considered because, in most case, women needs to avoid things like smokes, alcohol, eating excessive foods reach in fat, and caffeine during their young age; as it would seriously affect them during their old age. So, it is going to deliver most women if they can stop taking all these mention here as; it terminates the fallopian tube and, causes reduction in the quality of the eggs; leading to this unusual event.

female infertility Test

However, there are several test that is applied in diagnosing this condition that, will be going to be outlined here; more so, blood test;, is known as the best in diagnosing this predicament.

Thus, they include;

  • An overall physical exam
  • A pelvic exam
  • Blood test
  • A pap test
  • Examination of the breast for unusual milk production
  • Laparoscopy
  • Transvaginal ultrasound

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More over, There are numerous of the test which is used; to identify the presence of infertility in females but few that is most important is going to be explained here; for better understanding of how it is diagnose.

  • Blood test: Hence, In this case, the doctor collect some eggs from the female uterus, the blood released during menstruation are also collected to be diagnosed. test for thyroid, ovarian; are also carried out.
  • Transvaginal ultrasound: More over, In this process, the ultrasound however, is inserted into the female vagina; by the doctor that enable them; to detect the uterus and, vagina more easily because, in most cases, it is as result of the inability of the vagina to allow the passage of sperm; into the uterus to cause fertilization leads to lack of pregnancy.
  • Pelvic exam: Thus, the cervix is dilated to determine if there is any hindrance in the uterine tube.

Treatment & prevention

Although, the treatment depends on the; causes that is detected in the body of woman. in the case, where fallopian tube is destroyed, it requires surgery for effective treatment so; that the woman can become fertile. More over, Artificial insemination; can also be carried out in a situation when the female cannot take in. therefore, in this condition, sperm is collected from the female artificially and transfer into female vagina for pregnancy to occur. however, this is carried out by the expertise; Further more, it can also be treated; or corrected when the couples, go for blood group test; and, genotype before marriage.

Hence, in vitro; can also be of help. It is important we develop time to read this as it would be of help to most women.

In conclusion, It will be more important if; women will go for medical check up to know their blood group; and, genotype as this will help reduce these. thus, it is also very important for male, to treat low sperm count because; in most cases, it would leads to stoppage of fertile .