Health insurance

Health insurance-we have heard more about this particular topic and now, I am here to explore what this is all about because I know that all individual will be asking him/herself how and when can he ensure the safety of either his life or property.

More over, when you have worked hard for what you own, you need to ensure it is protected in the event that anything will happen, So, it is the major reason we are here to help you understand that, with the help of the government insurance, your health is protected.

However, Health insurance is very important today because, it helps most especially the less privilege to receive a ransom from the insurer due to sickness he/she would have suffered from.

Health insurance definition

Health insurance can be define as the insurance taken by someone to cover the cost of medical care. It is the insurance that a person receives to cover medical expense.

In addition, now that we are familiar with what health insurance means, it may apply to limited range of medical service and will usually provide payment of the cost of health of a person. In other word, it is important to know that this policy helps when an individual is disable either by accident.

More over, it does not mean that everyone has the right to participate in this as it is concern to those who are fully recommended by the insurer.

Health insurance types

A short-term health insurance

It is the type of health insurance that last temporary. Hence, it is going to be more important when he/she is involve in the health plan.

Student health insurance

It delivers the student the coverage while they are still in school. A student is giving the chance to study abroad .However, it is important for student to engage in this type of insurance because, it helps in medical expense and; cashless treatment.

Further more, the student is being protect from sickness. the government has made it so easy to the student by providing means of survival; and supporting them financially through out their stay in school.

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Self employed

This is define as those insurance giving to people that has something doing to earn a living. It is however, important that all concerned individual, that earn a living without the help of the employee go for this as it would help in the growth of their business.

However, it is therefore important that self employed workers apply for this type of insurance to know if qualified or not.


It can be define as an insurance given to an employee. It delivers the employee from the harassment of the employer. More over, this insurance is important during the hospital cost as it helps people that are sick to gain their health.


Any system that is being organized by the legally mandated contribution or by taxes to maintain legal statue is called social insurance. More over, I know that insurance helps in the field of unfavorable event in the case of loss of life, properties and as well our health conditions.

Triterm medical

Cab be define as a short term insurance that last for three years. It occurs temporary like short-term because, it is not permanently. Hence, it offers more benefit than others because, it last for a limited range of time that however, enabled them to earn higher in the policy.

Health insurance disadvantages

  • It does not compensate all types of looses which renders it difficult to some people
  • It take much time to compensate financial insurance
  • Although, it helps in saving but, in most cases it does not provide the equipment that are provided by banks
  • More over, it would cause loss of life


  • It help most importantly in tax benefit
  • It is important in coverage against medical illness
  • It helps in portability benefits
  • in case, you are suffering from any health care diseases, and you are admitted in their network hospital, it will be treated freely because, the company will pay your bills.
  • In addition, when disabled due to accident, and you are one of the health insurance policy, they would be of help

In conclusion, the insurance company has however, help immensely in terms of illness, medical expense, and other areas which they are helpful. I know that with some of this types explained here, we can therefore apply for any one which you think it is more safe.