Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Foods to avoid during pregnancy- majorly, women becomes much concerns on foods to avoid and foods not to avoid during pregnancy. mean while, that is why we are here to to write on the page to educate you more for the healthy of you and the fetus inside the womb.

Thankfully, there are more to eat than what to avoid during pregnancy. So therefore, these article will help a lot most especially women to help keeps them healthy during pregnancy till delivery.

More over, we should be aware that there are some of the foods that are rarely when consumed and there are some of the foods that we have to avoid completely to avoid problems that might occur during delivery or in future.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Undercooked fish

Most especially women, is encouraged not to consume the undercooked fish as it harms the mother and the unborn child .

More so, some of the infections contained in the undercooked fish are bacteria, viruses or parasitic infections and it should be noted that pregnant women have almost about 70% of infections. However, to avoid this, pregnant women should avoid the consumption of undercooked fish.

Raw eggs

Since, eggs affect the pregnancy, it is important you avoid the intake of raw one as it would leads to still birth and miscarriage.

Further more, there are signs and symptoms that shows the presence of Salmonella Bacteria that is mention here;

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramp
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea

In addition, now that we are familiar to the signs and symptoms of eating raw eggs, I believe that we can put a stop to it to avoid developing developing this unusual symptoms that could lead to still birth.

Foods that contained raw eggs

However, women will be wondering which foods has raw eggs in it. It is not a mistake having such an imagination because, most women do not go higher institution to educate them in this. That is why our expertise are here to teach them to their understanding.

Hence, foods that contained raw eggs are;

  • Ice cream
  • Mousse
  • Salad
  • Homemade mayonnaise

Undercooked meat/processed meat

The same way undercooked fish triggers the life of a pregnant so as to undercooked meat because, it has some infections like bacteria, viruses, E.coli and other infections that is likely to rise.

Organ meat

Organ meat can be define as the variety of different source of nutrients. Foods to avoid during pregnancy helps us understand that eating too much of organ meat is not too good in the body.

These include iron, vitamin B12, copper and all other nutrient that keeps the nourishing the baby and the mother .However, eating too much animals based vitamin A is not recommended during pregnancy. In addition, consuming too much of food reach in vitamin A can leads to miscarriage and other misconception that triggers the life of the baby and leads to still birth.


It is advised that a pregnant women avoid completely alcohol as it triggers the life of the baby and the mother during pregnancy, So, it is important that the mother avoid alcohol as it could leads to miscarriage and still birth.

More over, since there is no percentage of alcohol that has been mentioned by doctor that is safe to take during pregnancy, it is better pregnant women stop taking alcohol completely.

Raw milk

However, taking some raw milk , it will triggers the life of the mother. So, as raw milk contain several infections like bacteria, viruses, it is important women stops taking raw milk.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy guidelines;

  • Avoid highly mercury fish including shark and marlin
  • Raw fish, it should not be consumed as it contain many infections like bacteria
  • it is important we consume more of liver meat
  • However, it is good pregnant women do not take too much vitamin A as it would lead to still birth and miscarriages
  • More so, it is also good pregnant women avoid alcohol as it is not stated that any percentage of alcohol helps during pregnancy
  • Avoid the intake of raw meat during pregnancy

Foods to avoid during pregnancy side effects

  • It leads to still birth
  • It leads to miscarriages
  • More over, it would causes the contact of several types of infections when these foods to avoid during pregnancy is consumed

In conclusion, foods to avoid during pregnancy has helped a lot in the life of women and the unborn child which however, ensures that the baby is in good condition till birth.